He has been the revelation of FISE 2019, entering the pro final at the age of 15; a year later, Esteban Clot returns and he sounds even more mature, with refreshing confidence and ever-growing popularity on social media. Over 40K subscribers who gather every day at 6:30 pm for his ritual post, and all came […]


Back in 2011, during a rather surreal NIKE competition in a former London swimming pool, we met young BMXer Kayley Ashworth who shone with a rather rare charisma and real skills on the bike. The kid exuded a real passion and commitment. Struck (maybe just in time) by fate, she had to get away from […]


Hailing from Albi and active on the French scene for well over twenty years, Nico Cambon keeps us amazed with his unshakeable motivation, all the more so when Yann Chochman a young man hungry for life tags along. While waiting for their video to drop, we discuss motivation, and also the very idea of solidarity […]